Body progress

Each gadget (tool) can easily be removed with 2 M6 screws and replaced by another tool for another mission...

I've painted the charging bay panel black.

Magnetic grabble installed with funtional blue led in the center.

I've installed a servo for the rear door.
On the inside of the rear door I installed 2 x blue leds to give a movie-like look.

So when the rear door opens the led in the center of the grabble and on the inside of
the door lights up. This gives a very similiar look as on the screen shot above.

Front door Servo in place.

Servo for front door mounted. The servos are mounted so that I must remove the M3 bolt that connects
the ball-joint to the hinge when I remove the skins.

I glued a Neodyn magnet (diameter 20mm) to the inside of the sidevent.

I then welded a washer to a M6 bolt and mounted it to the Frame. (JAG V5 style)

This way the vent is firmly attached but can be removed without problem.

The M6 seen from inside the frame. I will shorten it and use a washer and lock-nut.

New servoholder: 2mm instead of 1,5mm and also welded. These holders are then bolted to the utility arm carrier.

A new plate for the Picaxe with M3 studs.

Beskrivning: C:\Websidor\r2d2\images\R2_utilityarm_8.jpg

Beskrivning: C:\Websidor\r2d2\images\R2_utilityarm_5.jpg

Beskrivning: C:\Websidor\r2d2\images\R2_utilityarm_7.jpg

Beskrivning: C:\Websidor\r2d2\images\R2_utilityarm_6.jpg

Beskrivning: C:\Websidor\r2d2\images\R2_lifescanner_1.jpg
Life scanner screen.

Beskrivning: C:\Websidor\r2d2\images\R2_frame_15.jpg
90 degree doorenclosure

Beskrivning: C:\Websidor\r2d2\images\R2_misc_11.jpg

Beskrivning: C:\Websidor\r2d2\images\R2_misc_12.jpg
Parts to become Persicope/scanner/sabel lifter.

Beskrivning: C:\Websidor\r2d2\images\R2_misc_8.jpg

Beskrivning: C:\Websidor\r2d2\images\R2_misc_10.jpg

Beskrivning: C:\Websidor\r2d2\images\R2_misc_9.jpg
Front and rear vents made from sheetmetal parts,
glued together.

Beskrivning: C:\Websidor\r2d2\images\R2_powercoupling_1.jpg
David Shaw's awesome parts.

Beskrivning: C:\Websidor\r2d2\images\R2_coinslot_3.jpg
Coin slot in place, wanted to see how it turned out.

Beskrivning: C:\Websidor\r2d2\images\R2_coinslot_1.jpg

David Shaw's awesome parts.

Beskrivning: C:\Websidor\r2d2\images\R2_coinslot_2.jpg

Beskrivning: 0810

Beskrivning: 0810

Beskrivning: Part for coin-return, octogon port etc.0810