dome progress

Pololu 18ch and 24ch boards. 18ch for the holos and 24ch for the dome panels.
I don't need all those channels today, but before I switched to Arduino control I did.

See "Lifter" page for more info.

Finally! I got around to buy David Shaw'a amazing front & rear aluminium logics.

I glued 4mm thick aluminium brackets with M4 threads around HP holes x3.

Resin HP from Marco in place, 2mm spacing between HP and bracket.

Another aluminiumbracket (2mm) are then placed and secured with M4 screws.

Front HP: I needed to split one bracket due to space issue.....

Hinges glued to both dome and panels at the same time.
I've more clearence on the hinges side between the panel and the dome.

Hinges glued to inner dome-panel first. When the outer-dome is attached, the outer panels will be glued onto these inner ones.

I started with 8mm lip around the pie-panel openings,
but for the function of the hinges, I needed to adjust these to 3.5 mm.

One problem is that the outer dome does not sit tight on the inner dome.
This small deviation is enough to make the panel hit the outer dome
if you are not careful.

Around 3.5 mm left and then clearence is there.

Inner dome cut and grinded where you later will
be able to see it. Polishing remain.

Inner dome cutting begins..

I'm a sinner.... Before I can get hold of and afford aluminium parts,
I will use some Resin Parts.

Polishing the outer dome. I used 240, 400 wet, 800 wet, 1000 wet and 1500 wet. And them some boat polishing...

It's more shiny then it appers in this photos....