feet progress


Left: Q85 motor for 2-3-2 design
Middle: Q85 motor for mounting on the underside of the feet U-channel.
Right: Q85 motor for mounting on each side of the feet U-channel.

I will try to make the new drive system.
I now have the motors, only the rest remaining....
The 2 motors on the left are 328 rpm/m and the others 201 rpm/m.
I decided to change my steel feets to aluminium.
I spot welded the feets with my TIG, but I will let a proffesional
MIG-welder finalize them.

Test of NPC and Sabertooth. Worked right away.

Part to become a "Senna Drive" feetdrive after some welding.

Re-done casters. Cut and only tack-welded so far.

3mm aluminium caster holder

Batteryboxes welded and grinded " a bit"...

Finally got some primer on them.

Grinded and some of the feet-details in place.

Welded and now awaits grinding and "polishing".

Parts to be feet one day.