R2 nr 2 progress


I designed a new stand for my second droid.
To be used during building, it allows you to tilt the droid for the 3 legged mode.

Or if you want to work with it in a 2 legged mode.

Some machining done to remove weight.

With this stand I can make 2-3-2 "building" very easy.

Clearence for the feet when moving it.

I've made a stand for my R2. The skirt fits inside the wooden frame keeping the frame
from moving around while on the stand.

One linear actuator in place. This one handles 60kg, I will try this before I
buy the second one.

And yes, the BAND is in the background.

Her you can see the "hollow" shaft where the axle for the ankle lock will run thru.

Above you can see the mock-up version of the anke lock system.
The plate where the wires are connected does not move when the legs move.

2mm stainless steel wires on each side will hopefully keep R2 vertical...
If wires can steer airplanes they should work for this.

Here is the CAD-model for a better view.

Top side. Countersink for motor and 12mm rods.

Machined to fit the bearings.

Bearing pressed into place. 26mm outside, 10mm inside and 8mm high.

12mm acme nut pressed and locked in place with 2 x M5 cylindrical screws.